Ways to Grow your Instagram Followers

With over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking app worldwide. Not only it provides a great platform to connect with celebrities, friends and family but it also provides equal opportunities to common people to increase their social circle.

Besides Instagram being a popular social networking platform, increasing the followers can be a tough task. This may include several factors like age, interest and location etc. However, there are some ways with which you can boost the number of your Instagram followers. These ways are:

Liking Pictures of Other Users

If you like pictures of other users, you are noticed. The other user will stalk your profile and if that person like your profile, there are chances that you will earn a new follower. This will also give you another benefit of other people liking your pictures. Ultimately, your picture will appear on different accounts.

Leaving Comments

Leaving comments on the pictures can make other users like you. Make sure to not post fake comments like “nice smile” or “nice background”. Try to keep the comments sound genuine so that the other user take you seriously.

Follow Random Accounts

This really works! Try to follow random accounts and as soon you start following other people, people will start following you back. The ideal way to do is by following celebrity accounts and their fans will follow you back. Footballers, singers and actors are the best to follow in this regard. You can also try using follow-back hashtags which are very popular these days.

Post Interesting Pictures

Many of you would be thinking that what those interesting pictures that everyone keeps talking about are. Interesting pictures are those pictures which the majority of the audience like. This includes pictures related to nature, sports, music, arts and entertainment besides many more. You have to decide which type of audience you want to target.

These ways seem simple but can be very time-consuming and frustrating. If you want to increase your Instagram followers much faster without doing any of these activities and following irrelevant people, you should look for some other ways than these. The best one is using Grow My Insta.

Grow My Insta

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