Why Having a Large and Engaging Instagram Account Can Help Your Business

There is an evident connection between the success that many businesses have and the popularity of the Instagram platform. When creating your social media strategy for your Company, Instagram is an ideal mobile marketing tool that can efficiently carry over your business strategy.

Although Instagram is not the only social media tool that has been obvious for businesses, it is hard to just ignore the fact as it is recently valued at $35 Billion and more than 500 million active users. There are many confirmed facts that Instagram can be of a great assistance when promoting your Company. Let’s take a closer look at how Instagram can help your business and grow your Instagram followers!

The Importance of Having Engaging Instagram Account

  • The Business-Like Impression – When compared to Twitter and Facebook they tend to be more private. Instagram is more business-oriented. It is an online space where almost 70% of the most popular brands in the world have fun while promoting their newest products or services. An analyze showed that Instagram users have a tendency to like, share, and comment on brand’s photos more often than on any other social media platform.
  • Visual Marketing – The opportunity to share experiences and stories visually through visual content is another reason why users adore this platform. Everybody prefer visual content because it is simpler to understand, read and share, other than going from one page to another and read content. You can post HD videos and photos that are related to your business.
  • Improve Your Branding – Not only you can upload photos and videos but edit them in order to make them more transparent to your business. The filters can enable you to really improve your photos to coexist with your branding.
  • Express Your Personality – Every business has its own personality and story to tell. With Instagram, you are able to express that side of your business in an efficient way. We can guarantee you that your audience will want to see it.
  • Expand Your Business and Drive Traffic – The end goal of any type of social media presence is to expand your business and your traffic. Having engaging Instagram account is the right step in the right direction.

Any type of business who has engaging and large Instagram account can use it successfully. For even better results contact the professional service growmyinsta.com who can manage your account efficiently so you don’t have to!