7 Ultimate Steps for More Instagram Followers

7 Ultimate Steps for More Instagram Followers

You’ve taken the plunge and launched your very own Instagram account. Well, what now? How can you get more followers? There are literally thousands of articles out there for those looking to grow their accounts but many lack solid, practical advice. So, we’ve waded through all the info out there, and pulled the best tips and tricks just for you!

Some accounts such as Starbuck’s Iconic “Pumpkin Spice Latte”, “Socialite Barbie” a satire of the VSCO hipster crowd, to the glam Kardashians’ have been able to successfully differentiate themselves from the herd and have grown to be larger than life. Although dominating a specific niche is difficult, there are other ways to increase your account’s exposure and to gain more followers. Here are our top suggestions for strategies which are proven to increase the amount of traffic on your account.

1.) I woke up like this (at 2 AM…) #Flawless.

Numerous studies have shown that the best way to maximize the number of likes on a photo is to post them at 2 am or 5 pm EST. This increases the likelihood of your audience seeing your image – possibly on while scrolling through their feed on their way to or from the office! Also, statistically the fewest images are posted on Sundays, which increases your chances of not getting lost in your audience’s feed.

2.) Show your best colors!

When it comes to picking a dominant color scheme in your photos, keep in mind images with prominent blue tones receive 24% more likes on average than those with reddish hues. Additionally, researchers found filtered photos are 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to be commented on than unfiltered ones. Although these subtle tweaks are not going to make your image go viral, they should help drive the number of likes on each image. A few more tweaks that are more of an expert level to keep in mind are using a higher exposure, warmer “temperature”, and higher contrast. This coupled with a few other helpful hints outlined in the infographic will help to take your images to the next level!

3.) Frequency

Once you are churning out high quality images like a well-oiled machine, post images one to two times daily MAX. Yep, you heard me. Sometimes less is definitely more, and this absolutely rings true with Instagram. Accounts that post more than deemed appropriate by users, are much more likely to lose followers and risk developing a spam-esque vibe.

4.) A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a well-placed hashtag will make you feel #LikeABoss.

Hashtags are an interesting beast. On one hand they increase the number of potential viewers who can see your image, but if you include too many you run the risk of coming across as tacky or desperate.(Here’s looking at you #LikeforLike) That being said, to come across as polished incorporate hashtags into sentences so they blend in. Alternatively, include them in the comment section. Or, if you aren’t jiving with the seamless approach, and you are looking to get the most out of your hashtags, a recent TrackMaven study shows that posts with 11+ hashtags drive the most interactions #TheMoreYouKnow!
Confused as to what hashtags you should be using? Well check out this list of the top 100 hashtags in the US and the World to more effectively connect with your audience. http://websta.me/hot

Also, make sure to use industry specific hashtags that will catch the eye of community influencers, and give your account more credibility on a subject. On Instagram there are hundreds of thousands of images in some popular categories, and whether you’re trying to grow a personal or a business account they can be hugely helpful in reaching out to other similar accounts. For example, say “Fitness Co.” wants to find more followers, who are also interested in workout gear, workouts of the day, and training tips. They would want to use hashtags such as #Fitness #FitSpo #Workoutoftheday or #Squats. By utilizing these tags their image will be posted and shared with the wider audience of millions of images that populate the searches for hashtags.

5.) Networking

This skill is just as important in the cyber world as it is in the real world. Connecting with community influencers, getting shoutouts from other brands and maybe allowing a fellow user to run a “Take over” of your account are all good ways to taking a “Tag Team” approach to promoting your Instagram account. By sponsoring high follow posters there is a strong likelihood that their dedicated follower base will follow you in turn!

6.) Show some love!

Like and comment on other account’s images. Liking a photo on Instagram is like getting good instant social media karma; by liking content it increases your account’s exposure. By liking photos on accounts that do not currently follow you, it increases the likelihood that these people will take some time and check you out and potentially even follow you. Also, take the time to comment on quality content! This way the original poster, as well as people reading the comments will have a brief introduction to your account.

7.) There’s just not enough hours in the day… Enter GrowMyInsta.

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